400 Seagulls  / Lynda Howitt / 91x91cm / oil on canvas / 2019

400 Seagulls / Lynda Howitt / 91x91cm / oil on canvas / 2019


Celebrating Balayi Open Your Eyes Houtman 400 

Exhibition now past
Art Exhibition 22.6.2019 - 31.7.2019  Official Opening 11am 22.6.2019 CHAMPAGNE BRUNCH

Capturing the natural peace and wellbeing of the sea in my seascapes and soulcircles.
Upstairs Geraldton Visitor Centre, 246 Marine Terrace, Geraldton, Western Australia.

Come along and check out all the artworks in my exhibition, they all embody the seas natural ability to change how we feel and bring us in to a state of peace and wellbeing.


Each seagull represents a year, flying high in celebration and commemoration of the 400th anniversary of the first recorded discovery of the Houtman Abrolhos Islands by Frederick de Houtman in 1619. 

Many seafarer over history have believed in the symbolic meaning of the seagull. For seamen one of the first signs of land is the seagull, it comes with great encouragement to know that land is nearby as they explore the vast expanses of ocean. I wanted to capture this feeling they might have had when all they can see is the sea and then a seagull appears. Seagulls also were messengers for them of changing times and tides, they look to them for changes in weather, for storms and heavy rains. More significantly, seagulls symbolise freedom, showing the world of potential awaiting, and maybe daring them to explore and discover new lands.

I used the blues and turquoise of the Abrolhos in the sky and sea below, they flow together with the wind on the waves. My lighter blues reflect a sailors optimism. My darker blues hide the depths of the ocean which represent unknown, unexplored thoughts and emotions of their mind that are not visible on the surface. They are hidden from view just like the Abrolhos Islands were on that dark starry night for Houtman.  

High above the seagulls soar with freedom and grace, these adventurous souls reminding them there is so much more still to be discovered. 


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