Photography by  Christian Mushenko

Photography by Christian Mushenko

Lynda Howitt is an Australian contemporary artist, who’s life-long love of the ocean is a catalyst for her art. She captures our love of the sea and its free-spirited essence in her paintings, creating a greater sense of wellbeing to share in the world and back to the sea. Her art offers that ’seaside state of mind’, a sense of inner peace that the sea so often gives us, for us to then embrace in our lives and with each other. 

Lynda embodies the sea-side state of mind, not only in her art, it informs her life and everything she touches. The magic of her work is in her unique ability to gracefully immerse you, open your heart and move you to a greater sense of wellbeing. She has an openness that offers an extraordinary resonance, delicately balanced in tenderness and strength, her style and sensibility is inspiring.

Lynda’s love of the sea started in her childhood years, growing up in a little beach house, just steps from the ocean. With a Bachelor of Arts degree and a highly successful career as a creative director and designer for agencies around the world, she has now returned back to the beach house and her first love, the sea. 

Known for embodying the free-spirited essence of Australia’s oceans, her intuitive style flows just like the sea. Through the use of colour and lyrical brush strokes she invites you in with a harmony of power and compassion. Her open compositions aim to convey the extraordinary resonance of the sea. The sea and sky are uniquely interwoven, wanting to touch, move and inspire you to a greater sense of inner peace.

Winner of the richest art prize in Australia, Lynda’s art and her design has been both recognised and awarded. Paintings hang in homes and corporations around the world and designs grace global brands. Vast travel to exotic locations by the sea and a life living by the seaside has interwoven a free-spirited essence throughout her work.

At the heart of Lynda’s contemporary seascapes expressions is a deep appreciation for her environment and enduring lifelong love for the ocean. Her unique vision sees the sea and sky interwoven, barely distinguishable. She has less interest in depicting specifics of the sea than in evoking the emotion that it offers.

The tradition of abstract expressionism and color field painting can be seen in Howitt’s work. The sense of chromatic nuance, subtle gestures and lyricism makes her compositions exhilarating. There is an openness to them that creates an extraordinary resonance.” Byron Coleman, Gallery & Studio Magazine NY.

Inspired by Turner and Twombly, paintings are formed with natural flow and momentum creating uplifting compositions. Her works are not trying to say something but offer something - a space to contemplate, a moment to be. Engaging you on a deeper level, to draw you into your own sense of peace. Her affinity with nature and the sense of light and space has been instilled from an early age and continues to be a guiding influence on her work. There is a luminosity to Lynda’s style that just like the sea, offers a sense of freedom to be. 

The ocean has been loved by humanity since the beginning of time. You instinctively know that being by its side makes you feel healthier, happier and brings you a sense of peace. I explore this profound ability of the ocean to transform how you feel, trying to capture its energy with ease and grace. Made by the sea, with the sea and for the sea, my new Soul Circles are a co-creation with the ocean. They use the transcendent symbol of a circle to offer a path inwards, so allowing you to emerge with a greater sense of peace and wellbeing. Evolving from an intuitive free flow of ink and seawater and seasalt encrusting, they are not only unique in their medium but literally embody the sea. The sea is a bridge to your soul, it touches and opens your heart, immersing you in the depths of who you really are, allowing peace within and so setting your soul free.

Lynda aims to cultivate compassion for the sea, to bring a greater awareness and appreciation of our beautiful oceans and our need to care for them. She lives and works in a little beach house overlooking the Indian Ocean, Geraldton, Australia and stands grounded in her gratitude for life and all that it brings.

Art is my vehicle for change in the world. The purpose of art is to arouse emotion, the sea is emotion incarnate. Through art we can culturally create compassionate change in the world. Like an ocean, art has the power to communicate a profound energy of peace, to align us with our true self and so inspires wellbeing in our lives. I believe love is life and life is a beautiful circle without beginning or end, so let the sea set you free."