Photography by  Christian Mushenko

Photography by Christian Mushenko

Lynda Howitt is an artist who's life-long love of the ocean is a catalyst for her work. Her abstract expressions organically emerge from inner reflection, aiming to open hearts and minds and awaken us to the beautiful world we live in. Exploring the depths of her soul and offering a bridge into yours, each innerscape takes us on a personal journey in the hopes that we can touch the peace and beauty within us. Lynda’s works are not only about the love of the ocean but the ocean of love. 

"Love is life, life is a beautiful circle without beginning or end. Art is my vehicle for change in the world. Like an ocean, art has the power to communicate a profound energy of peace, to align us with our true self and compel us to peace on earth. By creating works that inspires wellbeing I hope to illuminate our beautiful souls. Circles symbolize life for eternity, oil and water uniquely mix as I paint my connection to the sea. I believe life is meant to be beautiful, a beautiful heart sets the stage for a beautiful life. Let the sea set you free."

Lynda hopes to bring a greater awareness and appreciation of Australia’s beautiful oceans and our need to care for them.

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Represented in New York by June Bateman Fine Art
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Let the sun shine, let the sea set you free,
Let your heart open so you can see me.
Let your self be who you were mean’t to be,
For all of humanity, be and let be.