Whale awareness

Have you ever wondered by whales beach themselves?

I believe it’s their guidance system, whales are migrator animals so use the geomagnetic field to navigate. But earth’s magnetic poles are shifting causing their sonar guidance system to be off. The route they use to take now hits an island or land when previously didn’t. The magnetics have changes slightly, it causes confusion and they end up swimming into too shallow waters and getting stuck. Why do they keep beaching after being pulled back from the beach, because their system still tells them it’s the right direction. This happens every so often, or if you look at the scientific data it happens at the same time there is a shift in the magnetic poles. They whales eventually learn and create a new way to go on their route until there is another poles shift, they have no choice but to follow their guidance system.

If only humans followed their guidance system like the whales. We have an amazing built in system it’s called our emotions. If you are feeling happy you are in the right direction if you are sad then your thoughts are not the same as what your soul is thinking, you are not thinking about the situation in the way your higher self is. If you feel anything in-between it’s just the same, just not so extreme. It’s a brilliant guidance system for our lives yet we seldom are aware of how we are feeling and how we have the ability to consciously change you emotional state for the better just like the sea can transform how we feel.

That sea-side state of mind is a choice but luckily the ocean is very good at persuasion.

Photos: Christian Mushenko

Lynda Howitt