Biocup Art Series

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Lynda Howitt Biocup

Collaborating with others that are preserving and protecting the environment especially our beautiful Australian oceans, like Biocup, is empowering. I really do feel like I’m doing a small part to help but cultivating compassion in humanity for the oceans really starts with an awakening.

The ocean has been cherished by humanity since the beginning of history. Awakening people to sustainability and care for the future of our oceans, is the beginning in helping stem the tide of plastics in our oceans. But how do we get them to take action? Focusing our efforts on the children, the ones that will inherit these oceans from us may be the way to go. It’s clear that once they are aware of societies impact they do take action. A class outing to the seaside is more than just a field trip, seeing more more plastic than expected could be a catalyst for compassion for the ocean for the rest of their lives.

My artwork Awakening III is now in the Bio cup Art Series. This painting uses vibrant colour, lyrical brush strokes to invites you in with delicately balanced power and compassion, beauty and strength. It’s open composition aims to convey this extraordinary resonance of the sea and sky, uniquely interwoven as one entity wanting to touch, move and inspire you to a greater sense of wellbeing and compassion. 

Biopak offers eco friendly packaging in takeaway paper coffee cup and other environmental friendly packaging, their efforts make a difference.

Lynda Howitt