Wrapped in the sea

When I was a child I use to sit on the  beach with my feet in the water and imagine that I was ESP-ing the dolphins, they would them come to me and we would swim off into the sunset. 

My love of the sea all started in my childhood growing up in a little beach house by the sea. I loved the rhythm of the waves the warmth of the sunshine drying the saltwater from my skin, everything had a way of fascinating my senses. With fluid movement, vibrant colours and yet a deep underlying peace in the depths of the ocean, it was always an inspiration.

I feel empowered yet free when I’m by its side, it soothes and awakens my soul.

Drawing my inspiration from the sea, capturing the essence of the ocean, my artscarves are designed to bring a sense of wellness, beauty and freedom to everyday life. Beautiful and feminine, they are hand painted artworks printed on flowing semi transparent fabric so to bring that free-spirited essence to life. Super soft on the skin, they wrap you up in the seaside state of mind.

Shot in the dunes on the Batavia Coast just off the beach where I grew up. Thank you to my models Kaitlin and Amber and Amy and photographers Jai Howitt and Flynn Howitt.

Lynda Howitt