Painting Sea Turtles

You would think painting a live turtle like a canvas is a not so good thing but when its life is saved for having been painted you may change your mind.

For 100 million years sea turtles have been on earth playing a very important role in the eco system. Sadly, in the last decades they have been declining, their biggest threats are hunting, poaching and pollution. 

A while back I stayed on Turtle Island in Fuji, a beautiful place where turtles are strongly linked and loved by the local culture and they are a nestling ground for this sacred animal. The eco-friendly resort on the island initiatives for turtle conservation in Fiji are impressive, working together with visitors to inspire positive change. Carefully catching the turtles, painting on their shells and then releasing them is one of their protection initiatives and is saving turtle lives. This artwork acts like as a lifesaver for the turtle as the hunters and poachers do not find these one desirable and thus leave then alone and alive.

This was such beautiful peaceful island, you could feel their compassion and such an inspiring and innovative way for me to use art to help. It was an art co-creation with these graceful animals of the sea and a form of artivism (art and activism). Art awakens empathy which can then allow change. Cultivating compassion for our blue planet through art is a greater vision of mine. To bring greater awareness, appreciation and care of our beautiful oceans and the animals that live in them.

Open your Heart and let love in.

Lynda Howitt